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Kingtree Dry Gin 20cl


The finest botanicals, gathered from around the world, are carefully combined in the heart of East Yorkshire to create Kingtree hand crafted dry gin. With citrus tones and warming spicy notes, Kingtree is expertly distilled, delicious welcoming and open. Each bottle is batch numbered and hand finished.

  • Botanicals

    Some of the botanicals we use to create the distinctive Kingtree flavour have been carefully sourced from around the world, others are found right on our doorstep.


    The key botanical in any gin is juniper, we source ours from Eastern Europe and the Himalayas. While the lemon peel we use comes from Spain and the orange peel from Turkey. Our coriander is from Morroco and our pink peppercorns are from Brazil, while our rosemary is grown at Mill House Distillery in East Yorkshire! 


    There are one or two other botanicals in Kingtree, but we can't give away all our secrets! ;-)

  • Tasting Notes

    Kingtree is a Dry Gin, juniper berries give gin it's unique flavour. We add citrus notes and combine with warm spices to deliver a slightly sweeter taste that's full of flavour.

  • ABV


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