Kingtree Twin Gift Pack 2x20cl


Enjoy the twin tastes of Kingtree Dry Gin and Kingtree Apple Infused Spiced Gin in perfectly formed 20cl bottles each containing 8x 25ml measures, presented in a specially made, rustic gift box.

  • Kingtree Dry Gin 20cl

    41.5% ABV

    The finest botanicals, gathered from around the world, are carefully combined in the heart of East Yorkshire to create Kingtree hand crafted dry gin. With citrus tones and warming spicy notes, Kingtree is expertly distilled, delicious welcoming and open.

  • Kingtree Apple Infused Spiced Gin 20cl

    41.5% ABV

    An expertly distilled gin created in small batches capturing all the botanical spirit of Kingtree Dry Gin with added fresh apple, cinnamon and star anise. The end result is a smooth, well balanced gin with depth, subtle sweetness and warming spicy notes.

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